ZEALCORPS AIRCON Ducted fan installation Service


Let Zealcorps Aircon’s professional team install and service your chilled water ducted fan coil unit to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable at home or work. Schedule your installation now!

Zealcorps Aircon believes in providing the highest level of customer service to your home or business while providing you with a solution that is cost-effective, convenient, and environmentally friendly.

Our technicians are not only trained to install all types of cooling systems but also to diagnose and repair any issues that may arise during the course of service.

We offer comprehensive ducted aircon servicing Singapore in a fraction of a second to make sure that your AC unit is operating at its peak potential

    Installing, servicing, and maintaining air conditioning units in Singapore.

    Zealcorps Aircon provides air conditioner installation, service, and maintenance services to the Singapore market. We have a team of qualified and trained specialists that can install ducted fan coil units quickly and efficiently at cost-effective pricing.

    It's time to cool down.

    • Do you have a problem with your cooling system?
    • Don’t sweat it—we can help!
    • We provide comprehensive service, so you can get relief from any issue

      Zealcorps providing the excellent ducted aircon servicing Singapore, so you can get relief from any issue

    What do we do?

    • We ensure air flow control (AFC) controls the amount of airflow coming from each fan.
    • Our AFC system maintains an even temperature throughout the building, ensuring comfort for everyone.
    • We design overflow protection to prevent excess humidity from entering the unit through the overflow tubes.
    • Our overflow protection will prevent condensation and damage to your equipment and building materials.
    • We enable ventilation louvers to adjust airflow direction depending on where you want it most effective: right at your desk.
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    Save money and time by installing an air conditioner that is energy efficient and has a low operational cost with Zealcorps Aircon’s chilled water ducted fan coil unit installation and service. Let Zealcorps make a difference in your home today!

    Save energy and get a cool breeze.

    Zealcorps Aircon provides installation and service for ducted chilled water units, so you can save on utility costs and get a cool breeze.

    Zealcorps Aircon is the place to be for all your AC needs.